USB to Serial -- Working Device Found!

On our third try with USB to Serial devices, we found one that works (in a useful amount of time)!

Device Specs:

Model: GUC232A
Store: Best Buy
Price: ~$30

Computer Specs:

Operating System: MicroSoft Windows XP Home
Computer Type: Laptop
USB Version: 1
Must have CD-ROM drive for driver installation.

We plugged the device in while the CD was in the drive, the drive spun up, and it installed. We restarted. Voila, it works.

Good luck!

Like, You actually downloaded something? That’s AWESOME!!! :):):):):slight_smile:

Have you tested this device with the Dashboard?

Ive been using belkins one since the start with no problems…

I’ve been using a keyspan USB -> serial adapter hooked to an XBox since the begining as well. Works great.

Question: Does it work on Macs?

Is there even an IFIloader for macos?.. must…resist…the…earge…to…bash…macs!

We had a practice competition today in Los Angeles. Our robot and another robot controlller had problems freezing up in program mode when using a USB to series converter. We had to use the routine described in another post to unfreeze the controller.(push reset and program down at the same time…release reset until a green light comes …release program button.)

Remember to make sure that the baud rate is set properly. I’ve got a USB>Serial by GoldX and it seems to be working fine. It’s slower than a normal serial because of the conversion, but it works and that’s all that counts.

The first couple tries we had with the converter didnt’t work because we forgot to check the baud rate so the controller did that fun program error thing and needed a hard reset.

Complements of Joe Johnson,

He says it works and its only 14.99

Yeah, the keyspan adapter came from a mentor who bought it for his powerbook. Works great under Linux and OSX.