Use LabVIEW to control compressor

We want to write a LabVIEW program to start the compressor. We have a Nason pressure switch connected to PCM. Below is our code:

We want the compressor to stop automatically as long as the pressure is full, but it keeps working and doesn’t stop. We wonder whether the code isn’t correct.

The PCM automatically controls the compressor on/off cycle. You only need to open it in your begin VI. Relevant documentation is here (you can drag and drop the snippets in your code).

Only the and snippets are required. If the compressor doesn’t stop I would investigate your hardware setup. Is the pressure switch responding to the correct pressure? Is it on the high pressure side of your pneumatic system (before the regulator)?

Is the wire shorted between the PCM and the switch? If you unplug the switch the compressor should stop as the PCM turns it on until the circuit between the pressure switch terminals is open.

Do you want to control the compressor independently of the pressure switch (like to make sure the compressor is off during climbing for power reasons) or are you just looking to use the compressor normally to fill your air tanks?

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