Use my WATERJET to cut out your parts!

My name is Brian Shand and I want to introduce myself. I recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University and have been running a skateboard business since 2011. I have some advanced machinery used to make my skateboards and I also offer my machining services to locals. I’m located in Jupiter, Florida and have done machine work for people all around the country. I actually just finished waterjetting hundreds of intricate parts out of aluminum for an individual sponsoring a local FIRST robotics club. I understand gaining access to a machine shop can be costly and difficult if their often-high and costly minimum requirement volumes are not met. I wanted to offer my services to FIRST clubs in case you need any sort of waterjetting or CNC work done. I differ from other machine shops as my turnaround times are significantly quicker and cheaper. I’m happy to work with teams from wherever, no job too big or small.

Feel free to reach out for quotes and lead times:
[email protected]

This sounds like a great opportunity and resource for teams in your area. I hope local teams take you up on your offer!

Andy B.