Use of a Camera other then the CMUcam

Are you allowed to use a camera other then CMUcam, as long as its under $200?

I cant find any rule about it…

I dont see why you wont be, you may be limited though, unless you intend to use a co processor

Just wait :slight_smile:

Are you working with an AVRcam by any chance? Nifty little buggers, seems a bit more useful than our CMUs…

There is a flowchart on page 19 of section 8 of the manual that will help you to determine the legality of any part you’re interested in using on your robot.


to what end? is it more functional or better i/o?:confused:

I personally think that it is just better all around… you check it out, just google avrcam

Wow, thats cool I’m going to order one of those :eek:

Plus it uses the same camera as the CMUCAM.

At our post-kickoff meeting we tossed around the idea (jokingly) of having a remote camera send a video feed to a LCD screen on our control board…would make scoring on the blind side a lot easier, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.