use of a WARN ATV winch for lift

for this years robot my team is using a small A.V.T. winch stock and i don’t know if the moter is a cim or ban bots moter. Also we are using a liner actuator can someone help tell me if these are legal or not.

Sorry for any mispellings.

If you are using a part that meets the definition of COTS in the Introduction section of the manual and it is powered by a competition legal motor, not any motor it may have come with, it is most likely legal (difficult to say for sure without knowing every single tiny detail).

If the motor is not a KOP motor, or explicitly allowed by <R45>, you need to remove the motor and replace it with a KOP motor. (<R46> bans all motors not allowed by <R45> or given in the KOP.)

Linear actuator: Almost certainly not KOP; replace the motor.
Winch: Again, the motor is almost certainly not KOP; replace it with an appropriate (legal) motor.

When replacing the motors, be prepared to have the inspectors verify that the motors are legal. They’ll want to be able to see model numbers, or have other evidence that the motors are OK.

thanks ill check what kind of moter it is but it looks to be a cim

If you have replaced the motor with a CIM and you have less than 4 anywhere else on your robot (4 is the maximum number of allowed CIM motors), it is probably legal. The biggest other hurdles are the part being COTS and under $400.

The chance of it being a similiar sized similiar looking DC brushed motor from China is nearly 100%.

The chance of it being the exact same part number CIM motor is near zero.

proceed with caution.

What do you mean by linear actuator? Can you provide a part number/manufacturer?


linear actuator - if you use it, replace the motor

We used a similar winch in 2005 with minor mods allowing us to adapt 2 Fischer Price motors to it and it was completely legal. This system was used to power our shoulder joint.

As long as the winch is COTS and under the price limit it should be acceptable.

I got the winch donated and the winch we are using is still a prototype
For a motercycle that they are trying to sell so there is no price what would you sugest

I would suggest asking what the going rate for that winch would be, either to the general public or to teams in the FIRST robotics competition. See the Cost Accounting rules for why there’s a difference.

The winch without the motor can be cost accounted using this…
4.3.5 Cost Determination of Additional Parts
The “cost” of each non-KOP item is calculated based on the following criteria, as applicable:
A. The purchase price of a COTS item offered for sale by a VENDOR to any customer.
B. The total cost (materials + labor) of an item you pay someone else to make.
C. The fair market value of an item obtained at a discount or as a donation. Fair market value is that price at which the supplier would normally offer the item to other customers. Also considered to be “fair market value” are the discounted prices offered to all teams by suppliers with established relations with FIRST.

Where you may run into problems is that the item is not COTS since it is a prototype and not available to other teams, now. And the part was not designed by you for this season’s robot. The Q&A will need to rule on this item before you can use it.