Use of Java SE standard libraries on roboRIO

Hopefully a quick question, but I was wondering if any of you knew for sure that the roboRIO’s JVM could use all of the standard classes in Java SE, in particular and if regular TCP sockets can be coded the same as if you were programming for the standard JVM that runs on your PC. I’m thinking it can because the site where you download the JVM for the roboRIO is titled “ORACLE JAVA SE EMBEDDED 8”


This is the complete list of classes that can be used on the RoboRIO:

To expand on this:
Sockets and Network Communication is usually just the same as you would use on a regular PC.

The only real difference you will find between the desktop and embedded version of the JRE/JDK are the following:

  • Lack of Java Beans
  • Lack of Java Swing
  • Lack of JavaX
  • Lack of Java AWT (classes like java.awt.Color)
  • Lack of Java Nashorn / Rhino

If you /absolutely need/ any of these, you can download them as a separate .jar file and link it as a dependency to your robot code. Keep in mind anything that deals with GUI (Swing / JavaX) will not run properly, if at all. Consult the classlist posted above if you are unsure.