Use of Non-Classmate At Regionals Legal ???

Just wondering if anyone knows for certain if the usage of laptop or netbooks other than the Classmate is legal in competitions this coming year ?

Would be nice to know for certain if they are before the Christmas boxing day sales!

Also, can anyone confirm there were uses of non-Classmates at the competition fields in 2011 ?

Not knowing the 2012 rules we can’t say for sure. But most likely, yes.

Well we can tell you Jan 7.

But chances are, you can use any laptop.

Since they let you use them last season, I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you this season.

Legal per

From Bill’s “Over the River and Through the Woods” post, but I’d wait until the seventh to confirm officially.

i think they will allow more powerful computers, especially with the kinect

Bill’s blog is an official source of information from FIRST. This is confirmed.

And instructions for setting up a non classmate driver station (from last season) can be found here - I’d expect them to be similar for the upcoming season.

Unless you have very specific reasons for not using the classmate, there are benefits to using the classmate. Mainly, the FTCs know the computer and the set-up and it can help if there are problems.

I saw many teams with connection issues that were laptop driven.

It would be nice if some indication as to what the “certain criteria” is. Is it just a matter of creating the right account like last year, or do they plan further restrictions? Since Bill thought it was worth mentioning, it seems to me that it indicates something more restrictive then last year.

I would guess the Kinect requirement for Windows 7 is one of those “certain criteria”, although he probably could have mentioned it then.

All the classmates were upgraded to Windows 7 last year.

Didn’t all the classmates come with Windows 7 Basic in 2010?

The need to run the DS using an account named “Driver” is supposed to be gone for the 2012 season.

Said account has to have Admin privileges too.

… do you realize the person you are quoting?

Oops, I miss read it, something about not sleeping probably makes my posts less useful.