Use of throttle on flight sticks

What uses has your team found for the throttle control on most flight sticks?

We’ve never used them in competition. However, I could see use for any simple proportionally-controlled mechanism.

Climbers from 2016/2017 might be a good example (especially since they only run one direction). An active intake mechanism, possibly? Elevator height? Shooter release angle?

In theory, all the above could be automated onto buttons. However, if you prefer to have your driver control a mechanism in a more linear fashion, that’s one option. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you can automate - it matters how the drive team can most effectively score points.

Our team has used it in previous years for swapping from high gear to low gear and vice-versa. Only reason for it is that that’s how our driver liked it.

This year we were considering their usage to modify the angle of our shooter via a servo. Considering that we ended up with a fixed shooter, the throttle’s usage was scrapped.

4513 uses it to control the speed of the robot.

As does my team.

However, we’ve had some issues previously with it controlling the speed during auto mode.

During Stronghold, we had arms that would manipulate the obstacles. The driver found that during obstacle manipulation, the joystick was too touchy. He couldn’t get just the right speed he needed.

We used the throttle control to set the “full scale” speed. i.e. if the throttle was all the way open, we could set the speed from 1 to -1. If the throttle was pushed down we would multiply the speed by the throttle setting, so the “full range” of the motors might be -.3 to .3, based on the throttle setting.

We did something similar in Recycle Rush where we set full scale based on a button, but the throttle gave us more flexibility and was more intuitive for the driver.

We used it to control our lift speed in 2015. It’s also been used to lock in values during testing.

We’re using it to control our climber this year.

One year we had the throttle set up to completely reverse the drive controls.
Our driver pulled off some pretty impressive direction change maneuvers with that.

We used it this year for camera tilt.