Use VexPro VersaPlanetary Encoders without Talon SRX?

I see it’s possible use to the Versaplanetary integrated encoders without a Talon SRX for the motor controllers? We purchased 2 of them, without reading close enough, and are currently driving them with Victor SPs.

If it is possible, how does one go about getting it into the RIO so we can pull some values?


The VP encoders are just SRX Magnetic encoders with extra hardware. See section 5.4.2:
SRX Magnetic Encoder Guide

You wire your encoders to two of the DIO ports on the roboRIO. For wiring, the VCC, Gnd, and “A” signal wire to one DIO as usual, the “B” signal goes to the signal line on a second DIO port. As you’re using an encoder designed for the SRX, you may want to get some Talon SRX breakouts and use them in reverse.

You should be able to search for examples of code. If you can’t find anything, the first thing we would need to know is what language you’re programming in.

We’re in Python, and that makes perfect sense reading it. It’s our first time using any form of encoder, as we’re in our second year, so I really thought we made an “oh crap” moment with these.

Without picking up the breakouts (if worse comes to worse), we can just solder onto the plates on top of those encoders and wire accordingly, correct?

In theory, but that’s tinier soldering than I would do, much less any of our students. At a minimum, I would recommend getting an SRX data cable, cutting it in half, and splicing into those wires.

You mean the solder pads? Those are limit switch inputs, not quadrature outputs. You have to use the ribbon cable interface. See Mag Encoder User’s Guide for details.

Looking at it closer, I agree. Was just going off the drawings, but I went down and looked physically, and no thanks.

Ordered 2 TalonSRX’s and the data cables. If we’re gonna do it, lets do it right.