Used Falcon 500 Motors, Motor controllers, and other parts for Sale

Hey Everyone,

Our school is switching from FRC to Vex, and we are getting rid of our FRC stuff.

We have:

  • 20 Falcon 500 motors that are fully operational and have only been used for one season.
  • 4 swerve drive specialties Mk4 assemblies, good condition, used for one season
  • 5 Talon SRX motor controllers, good condition, used for 1 season
  • 1 Rev PDP with breakers
  • 5 Spark Max Controllers
  • Limelight 2.0

Our team is in serious need of funds for the switch, so we would be glad to sell them for a reasonable price. We can sell them in bulk or individually.

We are in Dallas, TX. If interested, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you,
Townview Robobusters Robotics


Sent an email…

I hope you are successful in VEX!

I also just sent an email. We could really use some backups.

is it still for sale