Used or New: 8513 needs RoboRio 2.0, VRM, and Limelight 2+ Camera to purchase

FRC Team 8513 Sisters 1st just completed their rookie season. Working with team members to teach them more technology and the following items are out of stock for purchase:

RoboRio 2.0
Voltage Regulator Module
Limelight 2+ Camera

Would any team have spare items to sell to us? It would be greatly appreciated for us to proceed with training! Many thanks!

Lee Anne Nugent, Coach

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Just a note: you may also want to put an in-stock notification on the REV Radio Power Module, which will work in place of the VRM. Not sure if one will beat the other to coming back into stock.

We’re using the RPM going forward in competition after being pleased with it at Championship, but the VRM/REV PoE injector combo is keeping old robots running.

Hope this helps!

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For the VRM, it looks as though the VEX Canada warehouse (click the American flag near the top and select the Canadian flag to see the Canadian warehouse) and have them in stock currently. I’m not sure if they offer shipping to the US, but could be worth a look into.

The RPM from REV is great for powering the radio. Had an amazing experience with it this past season. That being said, there’s definitely uses for the VRM where the RPM will not work. The VRM will provide regulated power of varying voltages (12v and 5v) to various electronics/custom circuits onboard the robot. The RPM is specifically for powering POE enabled devices like the robot radio with a regulated 18v.

(BTW the RPM also appears to be available at

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This is correct, and I had put that out of my mind since we only ever ran one VRM and dedicated it to powering the radio. Good catch!

Though if you’re trying to convert battery voltage to a certain voltage for a custom circuit, the simpler answer in current times is probably to source your own voltage converter and integrate it into your custom circuit.


Thank you for the advice concerning the RPM - unfortunately, that too is out of stock!

Also appreciate the tip on VEX Canada - they will not ship to the US.

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The radio power module is back in stock (but who know how long that will last).

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Thank you, yes, I received that message!

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