Used Swerve Drive

We are a small all-girls team in Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Amazon Warriors FRC6875). We are a community team & don’t have a lot of funding. We would really like to try a swerve drive since 75% of the teams out there tend to use it. We thought that maybe a team that has been using swerve for a couple of years might have one that they’re no longer using. We could offer some money and shipping costs (we are also right across the river from Detroit, Michigan so we could have it shipped there too).


if your team has access to a 3d printer, you can print everything and start with that. just need to buy metal gears for the few critical/heavier wear-n-tear parts. we actually did everything out of 3d printed parts over this last off season and the students learn how to properly put them together and take them apart and service them, etc.

I have heard of this being an option. Would you care to share your story and resources on how you did it and what troubles you encountered with it