Useful calculators/spreadsheets?


I’ve seen frequent references to JVN’s design calculator ( in people figuring out what gearing to use on their designs. I’ve also seen references to “other” calculators, but I didn’t immediately see links and thus was unable to find them when I went back at a later time.

So, my question then … what useful calculators/spreadsheets do you have links to? Perhaps we can post them here and create a nice resource. I’ll update this main post as more links are posted, if any.

Chain/Belt Calculator by Clem1640:
JVN’s Mechanical Design Calculator: Paper: JVN's Mechanical Design Calculator


West Coast Products has a few nice calculators on their site.

Surgical tubing force calculator

***motor calculator

trajectory calculator with air drag

drivetrain acceleration model

swerve wheel speeds and angles calculator spreadsheet

turning force analysis for chain-driven skid-steer with non-cleated wheels: Excel spreadsheet and Maxima script

Ether’s motor calculator/application is really useful! I lean on it when figuring out necessary reductions, etc… I love the feature to put in a parameter (i.e. rpm) and get the torque and current that point.

Paul Copioli’s spreadsheet:

Does chain C-C distances, air capacity calculations for those using offboard compressors, and some more detailed drivetrain modeling compared to JVN’s spreadsheet.

Accompanying presentation (and a few other useful ones as well) are on Team 1718’s website:

Isn’t a calculator, but it counts as a spreadsheet:

Gives most all specs of different motors and most all gearboxes relevant to FIRST. Includes a couple equations but you have to do the math yourself. :smiley: