Useful data points for scouting

So our team just finished competing at states this past weekend and have learned quite a bit about different strategies and tactics implemented by other teams. I’m currently trying to figure out where our scouting efforts should be focused on when looking at a match. It seems to me getting where they scored, whether or not defense was played, and what they do during sandstorm are some important aspects to understanding a robot along with standard quantitative data (cargo, hatches scored…). Any other data points teams found to be useful in analyzing other robots?

Focus on things that are important to know for if you happen to be in a match with them. Things like where they place honestly arent that important, that can change from match to match; but what level they place up to is important. Driver ability is also important. How easily can they manuever around other robots? If they play defense, how do they do? Can they cycle quickly? Try to prioritize and really focus on what would be important if you were in a match with them, or against them.

PM me if you have any more questions, id be more than willing to help and give some more in depth feedback :slight_smile:

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When I develop scouting for my team, I meet with the drive coach to determine what he thinks we might want to see in an alliance partner. This is usually right after kickoff. This obviously changes from game to game, and sometimes event to event. At states, we analyzed based the average amount of cycles (cargo and hatches) each team did per match. But at districts, we looked at total hatch output, defense, and also highest level climb. It all really depends on what your team (in my case, drive coach) wants.

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