useful easyC Pro Functions not on the Tree

Here is a list of functions in easyC PRO in API.h but are not on the block tree.

GetSecondClock(void); //Returns controller uptime in seconds
Returns unsigned
usage: Var = GetSecondClock();

unsigned long GetMsClock(void); //Returns controller uptime in miliseconds
Returns long
usage: Var = GetMsClock();

unsigned GetGameTime(void); //Returns the amount of time your robot has been running on the field in seconds. I think this includes autonomous.
Returns unsigned
usage: Var = GetGameTime();

void SetCameraDebugMode(unsigned char mode); // Called in Initialize and prints to screen all the commands going to and coming from the camera.
usage: SetCameraDebugMode(1) enabled
usage: SetCameraDebugMode(0) disabled

ReadSerialPortOne(void); // Read from Serial Port 1
ReadSerialPortTwo(void); // Read from Serial Port 2
Returns: unsigned char
Usage: Pending…

WriteSerialPortOne(unsigned char);
WriteSerialPortOTwo(unsigned char);
Usage void WriteSerialPortTwo(Var);
Var = 254;

To be continued…