useing a bow

is a bow not pulled back considered tension we had an idea but if it is we can forget it thanks



For the string, whether or not it is under tension would depend on if the ends of the bow are pulling on the string or not.

For the wood/body/limbs part, it would depend on whether the string is pulling on the limbs or not.

As far as I know most bows are designed such that the string and limbs will be under tension when not pulled.

Sorry, I can’t understand you. Can you speak louder?

Assuming that you meant to say, “Is an undrawn bow considered to be under tension?” the answer to your question is yes. The reason for this is because bows are designed such that they are constantly under tension, even before being drawn, as this allows the bow to shoot further than if the bowstring was slack at the start. If the bow was unstrung (bowstring not attached to one or both ends of the bow) then it would be untensioned but a bow that simply has not been drawn yet is still tensioned.

Also, deformation of robot parts is a legal method of storing energy. Could the OP please clarify the question? I’d love to help, but unfortunately require valid English sentence structures.