User can send commands but cannot read sensor data over Bluetooth

I have created a LabVIEW VI that allows me to control an iRobot Create robot through a Bluetooth connection. Writing commands to the Create works just fine - I am able to drive, stop, request sensor data, etc. However, actually reading sensor data from the Create has proven to be more of an issue.

I have the code set up such that it requests sensor data from the Create, waits for 50ms, determines how many bytes are at the port, and then reads the bytes from that port. I tested this over a wired connection, and it worked just fine, showing 1 or 2 bytes at port depending on what sensor data I requested at that point in time. Over the Bluetooth connection, however, it showed that there were 0 bytes at the port, regardless of what sensor data I requested.

It seems that the Bluetooth connection may be the issue, but, as I have limited experience with Bluetooth, I do not really know how to configure it to allow me to get that sensor data (if indeed the connection is the issue). Any tips?


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