User code crashing from CANJaguar

Hi all,

I just updated our cRIO to the v25 image and re-compiled the 2010 code against the 2011 WPILib. I switched our code over to the new WPI version of the CANJaguar class and uploaded to the robot. The first time we call Set() on one of our jaguars, the code crashes (error below). After searching CD I found that the jaguars needed v92 firmware, but after updating (and confirming via NetConsole) it still is crashing in the same place. This is the error I’m seeing:

Exception current instruction address: 0x00000004
Machine Status Register: 0x0000b032
Data Access Register: 0xfffffffe
Condition Register: 0x48000444
Data storage interrupt Register: 0x00005f35
Task: 0x234e300 "FRC_RobotTask"
0x234e300 (FRC_RobotTask): task 0x234e300 has had a failure and has been stopped.
0x234e300 (FRC_RobotTask): fatal kernel task-level exception!

Any help will be appreciated