user sensor library

Hi folks,
I made some sensor functions, and thought you might like to have them.

  • The Sonar VIs are for using multiple Maxbotix Sonar, using a digital output synchronize their pings (so they don’t get false readings from the other Sonar pings). With this software the Sonar can be wired to a digital input (PW pin) or to an analog input (AN pin). The digital output used for synchronizing must be connected to the RX pin of every Sonar used, if using more than one.

  • The “SHARP IR” VI just converts an analog voltage to a distance using an exponential curve scaled for the GP2Y02YK0F sensor. I plan to include the other sensors in that series, and perhaps make a full-fledged set of functions like I did with the Sonar.

  • There is also a “simple image get” (not shown) which will acquire an image from a camera at the appropriate IP address, without any prior setup. Because it calls some VIs private to camera.lvlib, it will need to be added to camera.lvlib before it can be used.

The way I recommend using these VIs is to take the attached zip and place it in user.lib in your LabVIEW folder, so that it is easily accessible from your functions palette.

If you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them. (140 KB) (140 KB)