Userbars Everyone

I was interesting in this and wanted to know everyone feedback! The cool user bars that you see in everyone signature is the newest trend to hit the INTERNET. I personally like the ones that KathieK has created. So what are some funny ones you have seen, cool ones you want, or just want to share.

Also, give us some links for **FREE ** user bars to look at!


I really like Kathie’s userbars too. :cool: Here are the links to Kathie’s userbars, if anyone else was interested.

[sub] [/sub]
[sub] [/sub]
[sub] [/sub]

BTW, I can get the other two userbars hosted on 228’s website if you have problems with exceeding bandwidth again; we are allocated 300 Gb/month of bandwidth. :wink:

I gots mine…


i like the (^) mechanic one thats kewl

photoshop’d my own firefox one ( just modded the colors)

if ne one wants it email me

Thanks, Art, I actually put them up on another website, also, in case anyone goes to the geocities page and can’t get at them:
NEMO Members:
FIRST Volunteers:
Obviously, please only use them in your signature files if they apply to you.

i had 3 of them… my mozilla, my ford focus one, and my halo 2…brandon deleted them :frowning: anybody know why he did?

Looks to me like went belly-up.

Oh, well that makes sense too I suppose.

I really like the concept of these but I have to keep reminding myself that I need to be aware of the size of my signature file…

Each are only 19 pixels high, so you could stack 10 of them and be good.

200 pixels is the height limit. As I see your signature now, you only have a stack of 2, cause the third is next to the first.

Yeah, but I try stacking 5 of the userbars, and would it only limit me to 4 images in the sing.

You have 5 images already. Maverick, Volunteer, Nemo, U2 (w00t!), Poverty.

Maybe 5 is the max number of images CD allows.

Plus, your sig is prolly over the height limit anyways with the huge text. I just changed mine when I put in the U2 bar cause it looked too big.

…Jump, wahoo i made it on the wagon too!

Someone should make “VEX Kit Owner” Userbar :slight_smile:

No time like the present to learn? (nudge-nudge wink wink)


Yes, they are easy to do - if you have a graphics program available to you. PM me and I will send directions OR if no one has the time, I can create a Vex one tonight…

I can’t figure out how to get the bars to show up in my sig…can anyone help me with this?

Use the “%between%” tag - just put the image source inside the img tags!

Or just use the button that lookos like a hill with a sun and put the image source into that box that pops up.

Hope this helps :smiley:

My userbars are a link! :smiley:

As are mine, they come as a link when you copy them from