Username help

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask how I change my username. I don’t really like mine, when I made the account I thought I would be able to change it with ease. I know that we’re supposed to contact and email the CD crew. The only thing is that whenever I hit contact us at the bottom of CD, it tries to bring up the outlook app on my computer, which does not work. Could somebody please provide the email address I need to change it?

[email protected]

The ‘Contact Us’ link sends mail to [email protected]

You might also have success by private messaging Brandon Martus.

Brandon Martus

Considering this is your first post, I’d just create a new account.

Creating multiple accounts is against the rules. He’s going about it the right way … don’t discourage this.

You could just delete this account and create a new one. Then there won’t be two accounts.

On another note, I think that rule is addressing using sock-puppet accounts.