Does any one else have trouble geting the team lists for each event? I was trying to see the team list for the sacremento regional, and the GTA regional, and i got an error message. Anyone else have this problem, and if not could you put the two lists up for me?

It’s been down all day. FIRST has been suffering from alot of technical problems so far.

It seems that most (all?) of the things requiring a query (regional team lists, the big map thing) have been spotty for the last few days.

Hopefully they are upadating it so we can see official results.

Still no updates.
FIRST must be really having some problems this year. Perhaps it’s time for the FIRST community to step in and offer help if it’s a manpower problem. I may not be good with math but I can help with what I can. Who do you contact to help?

This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. (webdev)
Getting this message this morning. Give them some time. They have a lot to deal with.

Yeah I’ve had that since late Friday night. :frowning:

The list of competitions seems to be working now!!! :slight_smile: