usfirst problems

Today every time i try going to usfirst is loads halway and stops.So what’s wrong with it?

I am having similiar issues, hopefully they will get their site back up and running soon.

Ya hmmmmmmmmmmmm i don’t understand why do you?

For what it’s worth, I can’t access it either.

I know that a large server bank lost power and crashed completely yesterday (Internap, the one that host LiveJournal). It’s possible that FIRST uses the same company…or it’s possible that I’m just trying to rationalize this with a completely unrelated event. :wink:

That would be my best guess as to what’s going on, but FIRST will probably clear it up once the site is running again.

I think that it’s not using that place but that was a useful idea.

It has been down since last night.

Maybe usfirst is updating or they did crash.

Search first, Please.

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