USFirst Unable to load

Is anyone else experiencing this I cannot connect to Also this site is going slow.

I as well as you should know why this is happening (overflow of people trying to access/download files) I just want to know if anyone else is having similar issues. (also what is the USFirst twitter account)

ya, we cant get on the site either. makes it really hard to access the game manual… can anyone out there upload it to another server?

All the rules and KOP List - Initial Release

1TB of bandwidth across multiple data centers, it should stay up.

The twitter account is @FRCTeams.

As an aside, this is the hardest I’ve seen the FIRST web site get hit in years…normally with the pre-downloading of the manual, they’ve been able to handle the extra traffic without any problems…

there’s extra attention this year, with a record number of teams

Yea i couldn’t get on on my Ipod,it kept saying Error 500. i guess it was just to popular and the people that visited was OVER 9000!!!

Thank you 2502! I am trapped at work away from my team. 5pm on kickoff day and I finally can see the game! Thanks!!!:ahh: !!!

Youtube video link too

Team 2502 (well, me more specifically) challenges the FIRST/CD community to try to knock our servers offline. :slight_smile:

Well, don’t DDOS us but…

If you still can’t get the rules, here they are on our website:

Feel free to look around if you like.

All of the kickoff videos are here, on the official FIRST YouTube channel:

Includes the animation, and demonstration and overview of the game too.

Updated the link above (restated below) with every pdf I found pertaining to this year on the FIRST website, PM or @trentb or @team2502 if anything is missing.

Team 2502 Mirror of PDFs