Using 2 cameras with Labview Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000

We are trying to use 2 Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 cameras to help us see the field during a match. We do not want to use the reflective tape. We just want to be able to see. We can get images from both cameras when we are connected to the RoboRIO with a USB and Run from Robot Main. In the Driver Station, these errors appear. But we still get camera images.

When we Build and Run As Startup through the WiFi, the cameras don’t work.
The following messages appear in the place where the camera images should appear. Server waiting on camera 5 seconds, Server connection closed or lost, Connecting to roboRIO-5658-FRC.local, Connecting to

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So, the problem with using two LifeCams is that they have the same internal name.


  • comment out the call to Vision Processing you added to Robot
    You need to go back to the default Robot
  • Add two USB camera definitions to
    One for USB 0 and another for USB 1, with different camera names.

e.g., Add this to

I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Are you connected via wireless or Ethernet to the radio?
Don’t use the USB connection if that’s what you’re trying.

Take a picture of the Driver Station Diagnostic tab to give us more information on your connection.

I am connected wirelessly.

Did you ever get this to work? If so, how?

I recommend following the steps in: Robot Camera Images Not Appearing in FRC Dashboard

I used that tutorial last weekend during the week 1 competition.
Took me the ENTIRE day to working through every nitpicky step in the tutorial before the video would show up on the dashboard.
However, the video would “white-out” dramatically when the robot connected to the field.

Did anyone encounter this issue after following this tutorial?