Using 2 Cameras

Hello everyone :]
So, i was able to solve the problem that i couldn’t use the camera on the new dashboard, it is working now, but my team want to use 2 cameras on this year’s robot, the first camera works just fine and it seems that the dashboard should support getting image from 2 cameras but it doesn’t work…

i looked into the vision processing vi and i added another code to read the 2nd camera, i called it camera1 (the first is just camera) and i assigned it to USB 1 (again, the first camera is on USB 0), but the 2nd camera doesn’t work … (the first on the other hand, works).

when i looked into the web dashboard of the roborio (roborio-1577-frc.local) and it says that there is 2 cameras connected to the roborio … (and yes, both of them are usb cameras).

someone knows what setup does it need to work ?

Are you getting a message on the window where the 2nd camera image should be displayed?

There can be an issue using two USB cameras if the requested total bandwidth would exceed the USB limits, then the 2nd camera image is rejected.

You can try reducing the first camera image to it’s minimum 160x120 and restarting the roboRIO.

that actually worked, but the image size is too low for us, is there any way to make it work on higher image size ???

Experiment with different settings, resolution, fps, compression now that you know how to get both working.

Are you hoping to have both cameras displaying their images at all times? Or, are they meant to do things at different times?

A lot of the problems you’ll run into with cameras relate to the maximum bandwidth you’re allowed to use during a match. As you saw here, reducing the image size allowed both to send. You can look at ways to play with the fps and resolution to help with this. You can also consider turning cameras on and off as needed so that you’re not sending images and using that precious bandwidth when you’re not planning to look at that camera (for example, if you have one camera on each side and a different view of “front of the robot” during different phases of your game)

Hey, can you tell me how you solve the problem with the camera in the dashboard??

We tried to use 2 cameras a year ago. We did change the port on the button, but it’s load for roborio and did not work well. I recommend using a different processor as the Rasberry Pi or Nvidia TX1 and just make new loop in dashboard to get video from here.

Good luck!