Using 2 Limelight Vision Cameras

Any recommendations on how to use 2 Limelight cameras on your robot? Is there a particular network switch that you recommend (if that is the best way to do that)?

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John Hajel

Given there is no way to connect more than 2 Ethernet connections to the radio, a switch is the way to go. Most switches should be fine.

Be sure to change the hostname on at least one of your Limelights so that both are usable simultaneously.

See Small networking switch needed for eboard? for some network switch options

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Thanks for the help!

@jhajel, are you planning on using 2 limelight’s for processing? If so, how will you switch from a software perspective? My understanding is that the Limelight is constantly sending out data to the limelight table, and if two are connected, wouldn’t they both be sending to the same table?

Using the :5801 interface you can configure each limelight to use a separate extension in NetworkTables.


@AlexDanielsen we haven’t got that far to be honest. We will let you know if we run into any problems. I got an email from the Limelight people and they said it was possible, but without many details.