Using 2 radios

My team has 2 radios this year and we want to use them simultaneously. Is there a way we can use them both at the same time on different robots?

Thank You

Yes, you can use them both at the same time.

In the FRC Radio Configuration Utility is a field called Robot Name.
Just give each radio a different Robot Name.

When you connect wirelessly they will appear as team#_Robot Name in the list.

Thank You.

Last evening we had two robots connected to two driver stations, each with a radio with a different ‘Robot Name’, to create a unique SSID for each.

The one issue – if we changed the driver station wifi connection from one robot to another, or moved radios from one robot to another, then the driver station would no longer connect to a roborio. (We would have to restart Windows on the driver station in order for it to find the roborio.)

We ran out of time to test, but when switching between radios, maybe creating a desktop shortcut with “ipconfig /flushdns” with administrator rights might be required at the driver station.?