Using 3 cameras this year?


Hey Cd,

Newbie electrical guy here. Is it possible to use 3 usb cameras on a robot? If so, is a usb hub or a usb splitter preferred?

We were hoping to use one camera for vision, and two for the driver. Would it be possible to fit all of that within the 4mpbs limit this year?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


About the programming side of things, this thread may be helpful (and I can attest that it works).

As to electrical side of things, we use a USB hub and it works great. I’ve never heard of a USB splitter so I don’t know much about that, but I would watch out for using too many cameras at once (especially if all of them are streaming high resolution to the RIO at once). I can say we are using 3 cameras at 640x480 30FPS on a hub without any issues so far.


Thank you @2501Programmer

Which cameras are you using? Do you have a recommendation for a usb hub?


Our hub is just a generic USB 3 hub (I think the RIO only has USB 2.0 ports) and for cameras we have some logitech C270s and some of these nice wide angle ones. I highly recommend a wide angle camera for drivers as it gives them a much better view of the full field. I don’t know about the specifics of wide angle cameras but I can say I much prefer the wide angle ones to the narrow angle ones.


Whatever you do make sure you stay under the 4 mbps limit for robot comms, you don’t want to be getting like 1 fps on each of your cameras at comp because the fms system is slashing the amount of data you were originally expecting