Using 30 Amp Breakers with Falcon 500s

On our team’s robot this year we are running a swerve drivetrain, which we are using 8 Neos for, which fills up all of the spots on the PDP where 40 amp breakers can be used. We are also using Falcon 500s for our intake, shooter, and endgame. Will running 30 amp breakers for the Falcons cause any problems?

You probably want to have the steering motors on your swerve modules run on 30A breakers and use the other 4 40A breakers for high current applications like shooting and climbing.

In principle there is no problem using a 30A for a Falcon500 or any other motor it is all about the current it needs to do its job.


This is a great response. It’s better to evaluate your individual motors under load, in order to figure out which ones need 40A and which ones don’t. For example, climbing motors probably need 40A. Drive train power motors definitely need 40A. Shooting motors may need 40A, depending on design. Intake motors can probably get by with 30A, steering motors can probably get by with 30A (or even less)!


If you decide you need more 40amp motors, you can also go to RevRobotics and buy their 40A ATO breakers which will fit in the PDP, in the smaller(10/20/30A) slots.

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Edited out bad info.

The real alternative here is to buy a PDH which has 20 40A channels.


It doesn’t appear to be illegal, but I agree. Those channels were only designed to be rated for 30a, and if the pcb traces cannot carry 40a continuously, a 40a breaker won’t protect the pdp.

I’m tempted to submit a q and a just to get a hard yes/no on this and/or prompt a review from FIRST

Perhaps someone from CTRE can comment on the weight of the copper and current ratings for the 30a channels?


It is legal. See Q25.

Yes, R619 permits using the REV 40A ATO breaker in the CTR Electronics PDP. CTR Electronics is in the process of updating their documentation.


… and the REV PDH (20 channels @ 40A = 800A!) is out of stock at this writing.

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30a on the climber may be a problem. Climbing is usually a high current activity. I would consider maybe the 30s on the steer motors or maybe the rev 40a breakers in the pdp.

I would suggest using 30a on the steering motors and the intake can also be on a 30a breaker but I would suggest your shooter and im guessing you endgame motors are your climb motors I would recommend putting them on a 40a breaker also