Using 3D Printers for COVID 19 Parts (Mask clips, face shield parts, mask sewing aids)

Hey Everyone,

I am currently a member of Team 178 and I’ve seen a lot of talk on CD about how FRC teams can help with the corona virus outbreak. Our team has started to use our 3D printer to make various items to help our local hospitals. If any other teams are interested in using these designs to help in their area, here is some more info…
1) We have started printing hooks that hold the elastic bands of the masks for several local hospitals, so the elastic bands do not irritate the ears of medical professionals wearing masks all day.
2) An engineering teacher at our high school has started to print and assemble face shields. This does require that you purchase the supplies to assemble the masks. If you are interested, for more information or to register to print masks go to
3) Many people are sewing masks for their local medical professionals as well. We have printed several Bias Tape Makers that help mask makers more easily fold the straps for their masks.

Lastly, for all CT teams, the UConn Health Center is looking for people with 3D printers to print mask adapters that properly seal their masks. They have sent us the design for what they are looking for. Please contact Keith Petit at if this is something your team would be able to help with. Hope this is helpful!


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