Using a body part for a kicker?

Is it somehow against the rules to use a severed human leg, stimulated by electricity to kick the ball in this years game? I havnt found any rules in the bible about this, and i already have my leg im going to use. Thanks in advance!

No. That would not be a COTS item. That doesn’t touch on the danger of having rotting flesh on your robot.

Edit: I am also not sure if those circuits would be allowed, I’m not sure if it qualifies as a custom circuit.

Ok. Thank you. Both the electrical and mechanical team leaders were gone today, so i couldnt ask them if it would work. :\ that sucks tho, we have no other ideas.

What do you mean it’s not COTS anyone can get a severed leg. You just need a hacksaw and a willing, or unwilling, participant.

Oh and I suggest getting a belt to bite

you can only use custom circuits on the sensor (input) side of the cRio, not on the actuator side. Sorry.

You can get severed human limbs off-the-shelf? That’s sad! :frowning:

Have you tried using your head in this predicament?:wink:

Chris you just need to know who to call

I don’ think a jaw has very much kicking force.

You started fabrication before build season…

If you could figure out how to interface a COTS prosthetic leg to a robot, you might have something…

That budget might disappear pretty quickly, though.

I would have a feeling the the current running cost for an arm or a leg would cost more than the cost per item limit that they allow too.

It wouldn’t be COTS - no one would be able to supply more than 2, so there wouldn’t be sufficient stock to qualify as a vendor.

Ok you win

OK, love the humor, now let’s see if we can turn this into an actual, usable idea.

Instead of stimulating rotting human muscle, try using “Muscle Wire”. This will take a bit of planning, but not impossible. Next you will just need bones and joints. Hmmm, what would YOU use??

You want a leg? I can get you a leg, believe me. There are ways, Dude.

I can get you a leg by 3 O’clock.

I still say no, cause one person can just keep grabbing people and there are billions of people out there so the supply is still there

they are COTS, everyone starts with atleast 1

actually, if you go through the right channels( AKA china) you can get tons dirt cheap, and as for custom ciruts, the curcutry is already there

Just put price per cell not as a hole, each cell cost i dont know like $0.00000000001