Using a button on a joystick to track?

We dont want to always have the camera tracking and such, is it possible to start tracking only when a button is pressed, and then stopping when the button is pressed again? What functions would we need to call to use that, and how would we get it to use a different purpose once the button is pressed a second time? I tried doing this before for another purpose but it didnt work, so if someone could help that would be pretty super. Thanks all.

try this:

// at beginning of Default_Routine)
static unsigned char p1_sw_trig_old = 0;
// later in your Default_Routine)
if( p1_sw_trig  && !p1_sw_trig_old )
  // Call function(s) to start tracking
else if( !p1_sw_trig && p1_sw_trig_old )
  // Call function(s) to stop tracking
p1_sw_trig_old = p1_sw_trig;

ok, but what are the functions that i should be using for getting the camera to start and stop tracking. (thanks for that code, ill try that out on monday)

Servo_Track() is the function which performs camera track and search

So we would be calling that to start tracking, I’m assuming, from your post? And also, how would we make it stop tracking?

To have the camera servos track the target, call the Servo_Track() function. To not have the camera servos track the target, don’t call the function