Using a keyboard as a controller

Hi is there a way to use a keyboard as a button like in a joystick?

Yes there is. Though I’ve only done it with the c-rio system. My friend may have gotten it working with the robo-rio system I don’t remember.
We used some software called vJoy. It creates virtual joysticks on your computer. It has its own interface you can use to control it, or you can write python scripts to read the keyboard and send that data to the vJoy.

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After a good amount of work, I was able to get a keyboard (or any generic HID device) working with the driver station. For competition, however, this is a bad idea in my opinion, stick to simple joysticks. You’ll need to rely on 3rd party software in every match to emulate a controller with each keyboard button press. This is not a reliable solution and is prone to crashes and has weird bugs initially on startup alongside the driver station.


If you don’t mind learning a little labview, it is possible to modify the dashboard code and pass the keyboard inputs into the network tables, which can be read and modified by both the dashboard and code running on the roboRIO.

There are python libraries for this as well.

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