Using a Mobile Device for CV Purposes


Hi all,
We have an idea to use a Moto Z2 Play modular phone with its development kit and some programming know-how to do computer vision for either an off season project or for next year.

We would need to purchase the following items:

These are the rules I believe apply (in order of my searching for them):

  • R14: The device would not be a problem because it’s fair market value is below $500 (currently listed at $408.00 directly from Motorola).
  • R13: The development kit would fall under this rule. It should be okay to use because of the price being below $200.
  • R40: The battery on the phone would fall under this rule. It should be okay to use because of the battery capacity being 3,000 mAh (far less than the 20,000 mAh limit). The only problem may be that the phone charges at the Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ spec, which specifies that the battery charges at variable amperages from zero (fully charged, running off of the charger) to three amps (fully depleted) in 50mA steps, along with running from 3 volts to 11 volts in 20 mV steps. It is possible to limit the current by using a standard USB port, and it will automatically reduce current as required.
  • Vendor Definition: Element14 Community likely falls under definition D of a vendor, as Motorola officially licenses the products to Element14 for sale.
  • R52: The phone is considered a custom circuit, along with the PCB that fits into the development kit module.
  • R63: The phone does not alter the power of the robot in any way, shape or form.
  • Mechanism Definition: The phone would likely be considered a mechanism.

I think that’s it so far. Feel free to pick apart the idea; my only request is that you specify a reason as to why or why not a practice or idea is legal.