Using a modified hobby RC controller for driving

Hi all,
I have an RC controller that has been gathering dust since my quadcopter broke. Thought it would work well as a diver controller. Connecting it wirelessly with the computer is prohibited, but it can be configured as a controller and I can figure out some way to guarantee no signal broadcast. Wondering if anyone had any experience like this or if this sounds legal, as I can’t find anything pertaining to it in the game manual.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I will refer you to R36, if it is not on the list than you cant use it.

@satocar is talking about a joystick replacement, not a new motor controller.

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after re reading you question, what do you mean by driver controller? It sounds like you are talking about an RC receiver, or something of the sort, no communications outside of the FMS connected to the computers talking to the robots can be used. if you are talking about a gyro and accelerometer compensation board then you can use whatever you want as long as the motors are being controlled THROUGH the roborio, they cannot be controlled through an external device.

ya my bad, I understand now.

That’s not really what they’re asking.

Some folks have converted old game controllers to PC compatible ones using microcontrollers like teensys and Arduinos. I see no reason why that technique and concept wouldn’t apply. In short, anything that shows up as an XInput controller to the PC can be used as a controller.

Hope this helps!

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Please try and be less hasty and critical in the future when replying to posts you don’t fully understand. There was a lot of contextual cues in the post that implied this wasn’t about a motor speed controller. Jumping to conclusions in order to post a “please read the rules” response when the OP literally mentions reading the rules can come across as more hostile than I’m sure you intended.

my apologies for putting anyone on the defense, I misread, and I guess from the experience of having so many people that don’t read the rules, say they do, and post a painfully obvious question that I have been to quick to jump to conclusions.

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team 17778 has been using this configuration since 2017 code for the controller as well as an in depth explanation of what it is

This is fantastic, thanks so much! While you’re here, do you remember the inspectors giving you a hard time about the controller having RC abilities?

no the inspectors did not give us a bad time of it
we made it clear it could not send wireless signals.
one inspector did make a joke about it though

As inspectors, we’re reminded often that our purpose is to get all teams competing legally, so we just need to know that it meets the rules. We’re there to make sure everyone is safe primarily. We want your robot on the field.

That’s good to hear.
Thanks so much for the responses!

Shout out to fellow PNW team 1778 for their incredible work in this area in recent years. Check it out! Moving toward better driver control