Using a Rsapberry Pi with FRC Labview and Setting up the Pi

Does anyone know how to revieve the raspberry pi on a laptop? Can we just hook the ethernet to the radio still or do we need a second radio/laptop for this. Also, does this send the images to the regular frc labview dashboard or will we need a second program for this. And, is there anything else that would be helpful for setting this up(such as can we download code from somewhere or do I have to learn something quick to code it) Any help is appreciated!

I presume you’re going to be using the Raspberry for just vision code? I would start here: Using a Raspberry PI as a video coprocessor

I don’t know if many people know this, but you can buy LabView Home Edition from Digilent for $50.00
It is the 2014 version, which is important to note, since that is the only year that works on BeagleBones and Raspberry PI when using MakerHub.
I use them for my personal robotics projects and it’s great. Best of luck!