Using a usb camera with a software such as Roborealm

Hello all!
Over at team 2172 we are attempting to use a usb camera with the robot realm software for image processing. We have the camera outputting to the smart dash but cannot seem to get the camera to output to rob realm with the default camera server code (c++). All of our software/firmware is up to date and all firewall are turned off. When we use the roborealm FRC camera client the timer begins to count up but no frames are grabbed.

Does anybody know any possible reasons this could be happening and/or any fixes to this problem? Has anybody gotten a usb camera to work this year with a software such as roborealm or GRIP?

We’re having the same problem with the usb camera (using java). We have a spare axis that already works with roborealm. If we find a solution we’ll post the code ASAP.

You may want to try downloading the latest version of RoboRealm as there was an issue with the jpeg format being sent from the CameraServer code on the RoboRio. This was causing a Huffman table error to popup in RoboRealm when trying to decode the image. This has been fixed just in the last week.