Using another type of controler

My team is looking at using an x box controller for our FRC control system. But we can not find any rules that states what the limits are for the controllers.
Is there any rule that says that we can not use the controller or that we can use the controller.

Matthew FL
Team #687

I’ve never seen any rules against and I think I’ve seen other teams using other types of controllers. But just in case, you might want to have a backup plan at the competitions.

The wireless xbox controller is prohibited, however the usb interface one is permitted. All controllers must be powered by the driver station only. I am looking for the exact rule right now, will post in a few minutes.


2010 Operator Console Rules

Based on this years rules, it doesn’t specifically ban certain items, however to check the legality of the controller you want to use post an official Q&A question. ALL Chief Delphi responses are in no way official, the only way to be 100% sure is to ask the GDC themselves for a ruling.

8.3.10 Operator Console
The DRIVER STATION provided in the KOP is the only system permitted to collate
driver/operator inputs and communicate them to the ROBOT. Operator Interfaces and
devices from previous FIRST competitions shall not be used.

<R81> The OPERATOR CONSOLE designed by the team must fit on the 60” wide by 12” deep
shelf in the ALLIANCE STATION (excluding any items that are held or worn by the
DRIVERS during the MATCH).

<R82> Teams are permitted to connect a portable computing device (Laptop computer, PDAs, etc.)
to the DRIVER STATION for the purpose of displaying feedback from the ROBOT while
participating in competition MATCHES. Portable computing devices may only connect to the
DRIVER STATION through one of the USB ports
or through the breadboard – they shall not
connect to the DRIVER STATION through any other port. Portable computing devices may
only connect to the DRIVER STATION – they must not directly connect to any ARENA ports
or equipment. Please note that AC power will not be available at the PLAYERS
STATIONS so these devices will have to run on internal batteries or be self-powered.

<R83> The Classmate PC must be positioned within the OPERATOR CONSOLE so that the screen
display can be clearly seen during inspection and during operation in a MATCH. The
Ethernet port on the OPERATOR CONSOLE must be easily and quickly accessible. This
will greatly facilitate installation and removal of the OPERATOR CONSOLE from the
ARENA, and analysis by field personnel in case of problems during the competition.

<R84> During competition MATCHES, the ARENA Ethernet cable must connect directly to the
Ethernet port on the Classmate PC (making a direct connection via a “pigtail” cable is
permitted). Only the Classmate PC may connect to the competition cable – no direct
connection of team-provided portable computers, PDAs, or alternate devices is permitted.

<R85> The Classmate PC must be configured with current software images prior to a team
competing in a MATCH. The Field Management System will verify that the DRIVER
STATION software is correct before it will permit a ROBOT to operate on the FIELD.

<R86> Other than the system provided by the ARENA, no other form of wireless communications
shall be used to communicate to, from or within the OPERATOR CONSOLE (e.g. active
wireless network cards and Bluetooth devices are not permitted in the OPERATOR
© FIRST 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual, Section 8 – The Robot, Rev A Page 31 of 32

The wireless router and the E-Stop button provided in the KOP shall not be included as part
of the OPERATOR CONSOLE during competition MATCHES. Competition versions of
these devices are included in the ARENA, and the KOP versions are duplicative.