Using Arduino as a Controller

I’m trying to setup an Arduino Leonardo to be used as a controller (as opposed to using a normal Xbox Controller). However, I can’t get the Driver Station to recognize the Arduino as a Controller. Every other program I’ve tested recognizes it except for the Driver Station.

I’m using the standard Joystick library for Arduino and the 2020 Driver Station.

Any help would be appreciated.

If it shows up in the Windows Game Controller menu then it should show up in the driver station. Did you try pressing F1 in the DS to refresh the joystick list?

The Arduino is showing up in the Windows Game Controller menu, and refreshing the Joystick list doesn’t work.

If list is full of previously used controllers it won’t show up. Double click on one then it will appear.

Alright, I just got it to work. The list of reserved joysticks was too large and it wasn’t showing up. Thank you.

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