Using auto cad for the autodesk inventor competition

I was reading the guidelines for the autodesk inventor award and in section it states “please note: Designs must be created entirely within autodesk inventor, importing geometry from other CAD packages will significantly impact the team score”. So does this mean that I can’t import drawings from autocad? or does it mean i can only use autodesk software supplied in the kit instead of importing files from something like catia.

Don’t really understand your question … you quoted the rule yourself. It looks like you are allowed, but that it will “significantly impact the team score”.

It said “importing geometry from other CAD packages”, i wanted to know if autocad is considered another cad package.

If it’s name isn’t Inventor, Im going to guess that it’s considered another CAD package.

Autocad Mechanical & Mechanical Desktop are included in the Inventor 10 Pro distribution we all received. I’m thinking that models moved between these these tools still qualifies as 100% Inventor Pro developed. Maybe you should submit a question.

Hi Folks,
We included that rule to encourage use of Inventor and Autodesk tools. Mechancial Desktop and AutoCAD of course are encouraged, however our intention with the award is for the best use of the Inventor suite of products.

Of course, all engineering will involve a host of tools, such as spreadsheets and the like.

Looking forward to everyone’s submissions.

Autodesk Inventor

so AutoCAD ISN’T considered part of the Inventor Suite? It installs with inventor, so I assumed it was considered part of that suite…

We encourage use of any Autodesk product during your design phase and documentation, but please refer to the Award Submission guidelines when it comes to the final entries. The primary design must be native Inventor files (both models and drawings), along with supplemental DWFs.

Autodesk Inventor