Using C# NetworkTables this season

We want to build a custom graphic dashboard for our drivers. This dashboard, among other things, will show information sent from the robot through NetworkTables. We want to build this dashboard using C#.
We though about using RobotDotNet’s C# port to receive and send data with the dashboard through NetworkTables. However, the last change to this port was committed more than a year and a half ago.
Is it updated enough to use? If not, are there alternatives?
Thanks a lot!

I haven’t updated master, but I have been working on a branch that has all the latest native code added. I have published a few updated builds to nuget.

You need both, and the API is different to match the new API, along with taking advantages of span and ref structs. So you’ll need vs 2017 update 8 or higher, and you’ll need to set your project to c# 7.3 as well.