Using CANTalon attached encoder with Pathfinder

We got Pathfinder going pretty well with last year’s chassis. It’s being jerky with this year’s. The main difference that I can see is that our encoders this year are connected to Talon SRXs, and we are reading them over the CAN bus.

We bumped the quadrature status frame period for those Talon’s to 10ms, but the problem persists.

Has anyone else run Pathfinder and read the encoders over the CAN bus?

You could run Pathfinder with velocity PID on the Talons. To do this you would have to change your velocity and acceleration feedforward gains so that the EncoderFollower outputs a velocity rather than a percent vbus. Also, make sure your update code is running at the correct refresh rate.

Have you looked at a plot of CAN status frame timestamps?

We found out that the wiring wasn’t the only thing that changed when we switched chassis, some PID (de-)tuning got done. That was the issue…

but… where/how do I get the timestamps from the status frames? I know we’ll want to keep an eye on those in competition. We log everything else, may as well do that too!