Using Compass Heading with Navx in the OmniMount position

What will be the method to return the compass heading when the navx is in the omnimount position?

In general, the method should be the same as when navX-MXP/navX-Micro is not in the “omnimount position”. However, the sensor will have to have magnetic calibration performed very carefully all the whilte it’s in the “omnimount posiiton” to ensure the directionality of all axes is as expected.

We typically recommend teams defer working w/the magnetic sensing until they’ve got the gyro/accelerometer-based use cases working well. The rationale for this is twofold:

(a) magnetic sensing is highly impacted by the magnetic fields from nearby motors - and FRC robotics tend to have lots of motors running during usage and
(b) the magnetometer calibration requires careful precision, something that tends to be especially tricky if in an “omnimount orientation”.

In a nutshell, what you are describing is the most complex use case possible and prone to magnetic interference as well as calibration error. For that reason it’s not recommended until a team is thorougly experienced using the navX-MXP or navX-Micro.

  • scott