Using copyrighted music for reveal

Does anyone know how my team can be able to use copyrighted or popular songs for our reveal video that will be posted on YouTube? I’ve seen a lot of other teams using copyrighted songs in their videos, but in the past when we’ve tried to, the video gets taken down or the audio gets muted.

Any advice? Thanks!

Don’t just lift the track. Remix it.

Might also want to check the song you’d like to use on this page:


Generally, BMI/ASCAP doesn’t take offense if the track is less than 20 seconds (generally much less). However, public sites like YouTube have contracts that specify what content (and length) they can allow on their sites.

Don’t add music. Let us hear the music that the robot makes. I always have to mute the audio on robot reveal videos… But I am 57 years old, now.

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