Using CTR hero to control Jaguars

Going to lead off with software is outside of my comfortable wheel house. I focus most of my time on electrical and mechanical.

Toward the end of last competition season our team discovered the beautiful gem from CTR, the hero. we have since used it a couple times to control light duty robots with fully up to date electronics ( Talon SRX and PCM)

We would now like to take it one step further and try to use the hero to control Jaguars on older robots still while using a CAN network. It appears as though if needed we could run everything to PWM but i really don’t want to redo several robots worth of communication lines if i don’t have to.

With that I have a couple questions,

  1. Has anyone successfully done this yet?
  2. are the systems able to work together?
  3. I am thinking that this will involve porting libraries from WPI lib to c# is this necessary?

Thanks in advance,

We replaced the Jags with Talon SRXs and called it a day. Even wrote a paper about it in fact. It just wasn’t worth the pain of trying to interface with the Jags.

I do suspect it can be done though.

Likely (and this is a guess) might be a good place to start.