Using CTRE Analog Breakout Board with SparkMax controller

This year we’re looking to use our SparkMaxes with limit switches and (maybe) a potentiometer for the first time.

Since Rev’s full breakout board isn’t available in Canada yet, I was wondering if anyone has experience (or opinions) on using a CTRE analog breakout board instead since we already have some?

The pinouts appear to be the same as far as limits and pots are concerned, and both breakouts advertise 5V to 3V3 conversion support. Naïvely this makes them look compatible for this purpose, but I thought I’d check to see if anyone had experience/saw something I didn’t before wasting time (or frying a controller) trying.

I do remember seeing some discussion regarding alternate encoder mode, and that needing additional pins not supported by the CTRE breakout. My understanding was that applies to Quad encoders, so only using limit switches/potentiometers shouldn’t be affected (please correct me if this is wrong).

I know we can create our own wire harness, but using the breakout board is just more convenient if it’s possible.


CTRE Pinout

Rev Pinout (pin numbers are same as CTRE)

From what I understand, the CTRE analog breakout board should work with your Spark Maxes for using limit switches and potentiometers. The pinouts for the limits and ports appear to be the same, and both breakouts advertise 5V to 3V3 conversion support, which makes them compatible for the most part.
Regarding encoders, you mentioned that you remembered seeing some discussion about alternate encoder mode and additional pins not supported by the CTRE breakout. Yes, that’s correct. The CTRE analog breakout board does not support the alternate encoder mode, which is required for quad encoders. However, as you mentioned, that shouldn’t be an issue for you since you’re only using limit switches and potentiometers.

hope this helps.

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3468 has used the CTRE Analog Breakouts for Potentiometer and Limits with Spark Max Controllers the last couple years with no issues!

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