Using different Camera Servos

hmm… we in israel got some of the boxes all wet,

and our camera “jumps” when used,
I think it’s a servo problem, and would like to test it,
at home, as an R/C airplanes pilot :rolleyes:
I have SANWA standard servos, similiar to the HITECs we got in the kit.

am I allowed to use them instead?


From what I’ve heard, you can only use the servos in the KOP on the camera.

Quote from the GDC at this topic:

As defined in Rule <R45> and <R46>, only HS-322HD servos may be used on the ROBOT.

Here are <R45> and <R46> just in case you don’t know off the top of your head.

Items specifically permitted on 2007 FRC ROBOTS include:
• Additional HITEC HS-322HD Servos.

Items specifically PROHIBITED from use include:
• Electric motors different from, or in addition to, those in the Kit, with the exception of those specifically permitted by Rule <R45>.

For those of us in the USA the answer will be no. For teams like yours that are out of the USA FIRST will allow different parts sometimes if the original part is not easily available in your country. Check with Q&A.

gonna check that with our local FIRST contact.


It might not be the servos!
Check out this thread:

I switched the servos as a test,
and it works better by far.

it still twiches while disabled,
but that’s not disturbing.

the impotent thing is that it’s not jumping like hell when used.
it’s probably twiching because of it’s value in Default_routine()
…it would be changed. :slight_smile: