using digital inputs from the driver station

I’m not sure exactly how to utilize them.
I know that the Driver Station Get dig In samples all of the digital inputs…
but do you have to insert the values into an array before you can see if a certain switch hooked up to the driver station is sending true or false, and if so… how do you do that?

Basically, I am trying to have a switch on the driver station return true or false, but I have found that u can’t wire the Driver Station GetDig In directly to a conditional.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The Driver Station Get Digital Inputs VI outputs an array of booleans. You can use the index array VI to get an individual value.

You can also take the Boolean array and make it a Cluster with the arroay to cluster function. Then you can unbundle the cluster, using unbundle by name. That is how we are doing it.