using downloaded KOP in frame generator

Hi I’m new to inventor and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to use the andymark c-channel given for the base as a part option in frame generator.

I would really appreciate some help.
Thank you

Frame generator is used to create a frame from a sketch. The KOP frame parts are already modeled and would not be recognized in Frame Generator.

Let me know what modifications you are trying to make to the frame parts and I can assist you with the work flow.

I am trying to alter the C-channel included in the Andymark base Kit to different sizes, sizes not previously modeled, yet i cannot seem to find a way to do so.

Is there a way to edit the dimensions of the modeled drive train or of any modeled part such as the C-Channel?

what I do is place the c-channel in an assembly make a plane extrude it and set it to cut, it should be under something like preparation.

Let me know what dimension you would like and I will create a short video to show you how to modify a STEP file. For example, do you want a 20" length of c-channel?

The advice in the previous comment is good.

i Need a 23’’ piece as well as a 28 inch piece. As for the advice posted above, i don’t completely understand, am i to place the plane on piece and then somehow extrude it?

Precisely and simply set the extrude to cut

I will post a 23 and 28 inch part later today.

Zip file attached contains 2 channels. One is 28" and the other is 23". They are STEP files. Double check the hole locations work, if not, I am posting a video to show you how to modify the length of a channel in STEP format. (47.4 KB) (47.4 KB)

Video of how to modify a channel in STEP format. (3.67 MB) (3.67 MB)